Create & share wish lists from all your favourite stores.

Ever been browsing online and seen that must-have gift for you or your loved ones?

With this fun and easy-to-use service you can save and share gift ideas with family and friends from any online or high-street store.

Create your Christmas wishlist

Loads of great features including:
  • Add items from ANY online store
  • Manage your wishlists on the move with our free iPhone and Android apps
  • Share your wishlists with friends and family via your favourite social networks.
  • Make a list secret – perfect for adding those private items and choosing precisely who you share them with
  • Prioritise the order of your list items
  • Check out your friends lists
  • And a whole lot more! Use Don’t Ask Don’t Get for any occasion! Xmas, birthdays, baby showers…..
Free to use, easy to do, simple to share

I used this website for my Wedding List – and everyone said it was so easy to use.

This is brilliant this website!! My list is all done, I’ve shared it on facebook so now I’m waiting for all my lovely presents ☺

I’ve set up lists for all the kids for Christmas. Loving the iPhone app btw!

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